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You are the Intuitive and you are the power in your empowerment. Although I do have a gift of what
some may call psychic ability and spiritual Intuitiveness that I use in my practice, I feel we all have this
within us. So for now, I’m here to guide you to remember ALL of who you are, ALL you can be and
remind you ALL is WELL.

You are made of the energy of the Stars, The Moon and The Sun. There is a Quantum Field of creation
that together we can tap into to see, feel and believe in your potential and divine right to love,
abundance, direction, clarity, health and joy.

By using my Intuition to tap into and rekindle yours, many of clients need only come once as they
quickly find, clarity, unblocking and healing. Once you have that, things tend to fall into place
organically. Synchronicities happen and the things you seek for your greatest and highest good line up
naturally. Essentially, raising one’s vibration will do this, as we are all made of energy!

Intuitively I tap in and see what may be one small or large thought pattern, idea or block that may be
keeping you from opening the door to all your good. If we can’t find it intuitively, the Energy work and
Reiki has a way of clearing it on a subconscious level. It goes hand in hand.

Many of my clients go from dead end jobs to running their own companies or heading others and
enjoying more freedom filled, fulfilling, passionate lives. Others have gone on to become Actors on the
Red Carpet. Couples who had lost hope on conceiving a child have become ecstatic parents! I have seen
this happen over and over. Helping with fertility is one of my proudest and most fulfilling experiences! I
also love intuitively guiding individuals to help heal relationships whether romantic, soulmate and or
family issues. Often, our patterns and blocks from our upbringing show up in our romances so Reiki and
Intuitive guidance is a wonderful way to help clear any emotional unawareness to move into authentic,
respectful, communicative and healthy relationships. “We accept the LOVE we think we deserve” and

Our lives can feel at times like a tornado or a storm that at any moment lightning can strike for good or
bad and we feel we are not in control. So we can have a tendency to live in a haze of fear, doubt and
confusion and pending possible doom. In this busy life we can begin to just go with wherever is
happening “to” us instead of getting still and taking back our power in being in the flow of what we DO
want. Reiki will help you realign with a centered way of being, a feeling of being in control of life and
your emotions. Whether you want better relationships, a more fulfilling job, healing from past trauma,
addiction or abuse, to find romance, peace of mind, more joy, direction and clarity…

The Reiki Moto is one to live by:

Just For Today I Will Not Worry
Just For Today I Will Not Anger
Just For Today I Will Be Grateful
Just For Today I Will Do My Best

Just For Today I Will Be Kind & Honor all

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