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I can't thank Kindall enough! I had tried tirelessly for years to conceive with absolutely no luck. I had endured some of the most advanced fertility treatments, however I experienced failed attempt after failed attempt until I had a Reiki session with Kindall. She helped me work through blocks and miraculously I got pregnant! I am now the proud mom of twins! 

Heather Wolsky

I enjoyed receiving reiki from Kindall She was nothing but amazing. She first did my reading which I enjoyed. Then told about the energy healing and went into it. I definitely felt a difference when I left. Would definitely recommend.


I went to Kindall not knowing what to expect as I have never experienced reiki before. When I arrived I was a bit closed off but quickly opened up due to Kindall's easy going personality and overall kind nature. As the session progressed I realized that not only was I at the right place,  but I was in the hands of someone who truly has a gift. Kindall is extremely knowledgable. I would highly recommend her and I am looking forward to my next session very soon!

Kristy H.

I would consider myself a spiritual person, but had never had reiki done before. On the advice of my roommate, I booked an appointment with Kindall after feeling a great deal of heaviness and anxiety for a couple weeks. From the moment I stepped foot in her place, I felt a great sense of ease. After she performed reiki on me, I felt lighter and so much better. My anxiety was gone. I also received a very insightful angel card reading, and some of what she told me has already started to unfold in my life. I will definitely be back to see her again soon!

Victoria S.

I had a reiki session with Kindall and it was amazing! Her process is very impactful as she spends a lot of time before the healing work getting to things that are at the core of your negative energy and working to remove those. It was a very powerful session that left me feeling refreshed but also with skills I can employ daily to live my best life. Thanks Kindall!

Ramesh S.

Kindall has a gift! She will put you at ease and give incredible insights. I booked a session when I was pregnant and wanted to connect with my baby. I found the session to be relaxing and healing at the time, and now that my son is born I'm amazed at how accurate her read was of him and our relationship- thank you!!       

Sari B.

I am a BIG, BIG fan of energy work, which also makes me VERY, VERY picky as to whom I receive sessions from.  I am a Reiki Master myself and also work with angelic energy, so it takes someone with super high energy to affect mine.  

Even though she only had a few reviews, I KNEW there was something special about her.  And boy was I right... AGAIN.  Kindall's energy is so loving and pure that you can't help but to relax and let go instantly.  I couldn't wait to just lay down and receive.

Personally, my session was an other-wordly experience as I continually left my body and returned multiple times during the session.  That ONLY happens when someone with very high energy works on me or I am in deeeeep meditation...  

Kindall's work is so refreshing and loving and you can really FEEL it in her touch!!!  I feel blessed to have found her.  May you be AS blessed to feel her touch and energy.  Don't wait... I personally think she is charges too little for the type if service she provides, so you might want to check her out before she figures it out.  :)

Oh and as if the healing session wasn't enough, her intuitive angel card readings are A-MAZING!  Once you return to your body, the reading takes place to provide beautiful loving guidance that's just out of this world. Thanks Kindall  See you soon!                                                                                                           - Kevin Akad  

Kevin Akad Reiki Healer, Spiritual Intuitive, Breathwork, Massage Therapy

Kindall’s session was one of the most eye-opening moments of my life. I had a brief phone call with her and within a few days she told me some of the best advice I have received in my life. It was mind-blowing how she can listen to her instincts and clear any negative energy you may carry. I walked out of her session feeling like I had a clear path in my life. Would highly recommend her for mental and spiritual peace.

Ron Rock


I had several sessions with Kindall  leading up to my pregnancy and they were miraculous!  After two rounds of IVF and a years worth of acupuncture, I had given up on getting pregnant.  When I came to see her for reiki, I had met a little foster girl I wanted to adopt.  She said I could look into it but she had a vision of me giving birth. She said she could see my daughter between 1-2 years old with curly blonde hair and she looked like my husband, Within a few months the foster girl went to live with her grandparents and I was so disappointed and then guess what??? I WAS PREGNANT!!! My daughter is so sweet with curly blond hair and looks like my husband but prettier hahah!! I have had so many intuitive sessions with Kindall, she is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am so thankful for her  guidance, hope and insight through my life challenges over the years. Kindall is so gifted in reiki and intuition. I can never repay her for the gifts of hope and healing over the past 15 years. 

Jen Laske

Real Estate Agent

Kindall is an amazing Reiki Master. Her positive energy and healing have helped me so much dealing not only with the physical pain but the anxieties that come along with fighting cancer. She puts her heart and soul into her Reiki healing and is a beautiful soul with so much love and compassion for others. Thank you, Kindall for your love and positive energy!

Kay Brazil Tami

Inspirational Cancer Warrior

Kindall’s Readings and Healing practices were profoundly accurate and extremely significant in my personal development in all aspects of life; professionally, emotionally, mentally and physically. Kindall’s healing abilities will help you in ways you never thought possible. I highly recommend Kindall to anyone who wants to grow, heal, or bring clarity and calmness to their lives.

Luke Malcher

Ex Pro Soccer Player, Entrepreneur

Kindall’s Reiki Session was by far the best I have ever received. If I could give her ten trillion stars (on Yelp) I would. She has such an intuitive gift and I felt instantly comfortable and calm. Her style of Reiki was ethereal and incredibly powerful. Paired with her divine insight and reading, I left with a weight lifted off my shoulders and a sense of serenity and psychic rejuvenation. She is truly a channel for the divine and I am grateful for my session.


Currently Studying at Findhorn in Scotland

We feel wonderful, thanks to you. You have such a powerful insight, unimagined depth, and timeless articulation of words that can only leave one with oceans of hope. I can truly say that we have such an admiration for your acute sense of gift and shall look forward to seeing you in the moments ahead. She’s Brilliant!

Carlos Ramirez & Burgundi Pheonix (Actors)


I found my Reiki Experience with Kindall calming and comforting. Her ability to make me feel at ease allowed me to relax in our session instantly. During the time the Reiki was being performed I went in to a relaxed meditation. At the end Kindall and I discussed our experience. We expressed any thoughts, visual images, feelings, sensations we ad during that time-only to find we had shared some similar experiences! I felt totally peaceful, something I hadn’t felt in a while, as I was going through an emotionally challenging time. I recommend this healing process to anyone who wants to live a healthy, conscious, balanced life.

Donna Ruko

Emmy Award Winning - TV Show Host -The LIST

Kindall reached out to me when I had lost a friend/ a serious old boyfriend to cancer and suggested her "Reiki” as a way of healing. Not only was I not aware that I was exhibiting signs of stress due to the tragedy but her calming manner and treatment sessions were beneficial to those around me as well as myself. She is a truly caring individual with a sense of the underlying ability of the power of now and of human interaction to rise above all crises. She is devoted to making you realize your own potential and help you heal yourself which in the end and with a little help from above is what is necessary to move forward in your life journey.


I would highly recommend her to your practice. She also noted that my lower back pain could also be attributed to wearing the incorrect bra size - an added simple note that showed she cared enough to point out the simplest of things which also made me laugh during a time of great sorrow. She cares, people notice, she heals.

Carolyn Haskell

Realtor, Entrepreneur

My name is Gino Anthony Pesi and I am an actor here in Los Angeles. I’m writing this as a positive force in my life, and that is the practice of Reiki by Kindall Kolins. I am constantly moving forward in my life to achieve divine happiness within my mind, body and soul. On my journey I’ve discovered Reiki and the many benefits it offers to my life goal. Happiness and positive flowing energy is essential. I’ve been to several Reiki Masters and all my experiences were a little different and enjoyed all of them. But Kindall is the only one I have gone back to and become a regular client of.


My first session with Kindall was an extremely powerful experience that evoked tears and what I believe brought me a little closer to my guides. All throughout the following week I felt a sense of enlightenment, like I was walking on air, unstoppable. I had never felt this before in any of my previous Reiki sessions and felt it perhaps occurred because of Kindall’s unique technique and complete openness. She made me feel so relaxed and I was able to connect with her on a much deeper level.


She exudes positive energy and it is clear she is passionate about energy healing. She is deep, spiritual, loving, nurturing, and soulful. She obtains these qualities all while subconsciously being completely professional. Meaning, it’s effortless and engrained in her person to be so. She is not invading in any way. She is on time, professional and an absolute joy to be around. Any establishment or healing center would be lucky to have her. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. She would be nothing short of a blessing to your establishment.

Gino Anthony Pesi

Lead Actor- Shades of Blue

Kindall is a talented and intuitive healer! Her bodywork helped me to release pent up energy not only in my body but also in my emotional and spiritual self.  My physical condition was also improved alleviating back and neck pain I experience due to scoliosis. I felt completely safe under her guidance and have always experienced a deeper sense of clarity, peace and inspiration after sessions with her. I was pleasantly surprised at the increase in my own intuitive abilities and my overall sense of well being and happiness. I’m grateful to have connected with such an amazing healer as Kindall.

Lorna Paul


Receiving Reiki treatments from Kindall has been truly amazing and transformational experience. I went to her feeling physically exhausted and emotionally chaotic but after leaving I felt a renewed sense of well being, positive, rested and emotionally balanced. Kindall is one of the most talented intuitive healers I have ever worked with. She balances energy easily and works tirelessly to assist me with my healing challenges. She is a sensitive, warm, compassionate person and radiates that in our treatments. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful Healer. She has helped improve my life so much with her healings.

E. Freer

Creator of Star Bars

I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Kindall for a few years now. She has the ability to go straight for the area or issue that needs healing, merely by intuition. Her energy is very soothing and clears away any debris from the stresses of life. In our last session, Kindall worked extensively on my upper back and what felt like intense heat from her hands. I am so much lighter and more balanced now. As an intuitive reader, it is important for me to maintain clarity and balance. I highly recommend Kindall’s work.

Deborah Wood

Psychic and Tarot Reader

I can’t thank you enough, Kindall for my wonderful healing session. You truly have a gift. I love that you saw the Akashic Records in my session. Your psychic ability is spot on. Thank you for the beautiful healing session and I look forward to our next when you are available. I know you are booked much of the time; hopefully you can squeeze in an old friend! You are incredible.

Jennifer Botting


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