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the awareness

Healer, Intuitive, Empath, Psychic, These are not just qualities in me, they are within you. It is my goal in each healing session to engage with my client in such a way that they learn to see all the light, love, health, possibility and opportunity that is already there waiting to be awakened and is who you are.

I have been blessed with a gift, as I humbly call it, to see what others need in order for them to see what in the simplest, they have not been able to or are avoiding, are oblivious to, what is subconsciously blocking them from being on that path that feels right.

The way my sessions go, an AWARENESS seems to come forth. A piece of information or clarity arises through either the Reading portion, the Conversation or the Energy Healing, most of the time it is the combination of all three and the client becomes aware of what has been blocking them. Once the Awareness happens things begin to shift and move because you are no longer operating in the dark. A light has been shined on the bit of information that needed to be seen and understood and then
removed like a splinter that has been so painful but difficult to see.


Whether your quest is to find a soulmate, heal a physical condition, have a baby, quit an addiction, land a dream job, quit a job that doesn’t feel right, move to a better place, to heal a physical or emotional pain, let go of the past, move forward or to feel the freedom to be your authentic self, move further into
spirituality whatever that looks like to you, to connect with your artistry and creativity, balance your chakras, or to simply relax into the moment, accept what is and be in peace within and move forward as a whole, grounded being that is happy and self accepting… REIKI has a way of showing us the way. It is
like shining a light on what we desperately need to see or gently in the sweetest way removing energetic blocks while tuning you to a higher vibration that creates positivity and synchronicity as you are brought into the flow.

Re Ki - Rei is Universal Life Force or the infinite intelligence that permeates everything and Ki is Energy and is flowing in all that is alive. Our thoughts and feelings effect our Ki. Our energy. We want to flow heathy Ki throughout the body and Reiki is the wonderful non- invasive way to do this.


Many strive for perfection while feeling they are far from perfect. The definition of perfect is to be whole and complete. Together we work towards this wholeness; in this space creating anything is possible. To be perfect is to be whole. Feeling whole and complete is the most healing way of being. You become a confident creator and from this place become a powerful generator who can manifest your desires. At this level of raised awareness and vibration you feel in the flow and obstacles seem to deteriorate as your reactions to outside influence become more positive.

You are perfect, you just need to be reminded and feel it for yourself. My job: I AM here to help and
remind YOU.

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