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the healer

Kindall  Kolins is a certified Reiki Master and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner and Spiritual Intuitive. She is dedicated to the well being of helping others find peace, health, balance, love and prosperity.  Reiki Healing and IET are fundamental in recovery of injury, trauma, addictions, disease, stress and anxiety.  Kindall finds joy in helping both people and animals to re-balance and to find health and happiness. 

Kindall was trained in Reiki at the National Holistic Institute and has been practicing since 2005. She is also a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and Angel Cards Reader.


She specializes in getting people on track and in touch with what gives them a sense of purpose, realigning and balancing energy and thought patterns, releasing stored stress and returning to health and wholeness. She also particularly loves aiding with communication, relationships, and focusing on individuals needs for happiness.  


Her spiritual Intuitive gift is an added treat for clients. Kindall has a way of interpreting a person’s energy into words and articulating the needs of her client. She can pick up on chakra blocks, communication blocks, nutritional imbalance, needs for specific social interaction or physical needs and desires of the body such as specific exercise or travel.  She may even see a specific affirmation or mantra that will help heal both emotional and physical distress.  She may even pick up on a specific conversation that needs to be had with a spouse, child, relative, co -worker!

She believes the bodies energy holds key answers to or healing on all levels.  We hold the answers to our own healing. Sometimes we as individuals get in the way of listening to what we need and she will listen for you, interpret and TELL you.  Many people get a sense of knowing and agreeing instantly.


Another strength of her abilities as a healer is to help heal relationships. She has seen marriages happen, babies being born to new parents had lost hope and relationships improve and careers blossom as a result of her ability to get to the heart of the matter. She can see why and where communication may be blocked due to an individual’s own past conditioning and patterns. She has a way of gently helping her clients see desperately needed truths and uncovering old blocks and re -wiring patterns to a positive light. This process seems to systematically improve relationships, stress and the ability to communicate truthfully and authentically.


She is a volunteer with the Wunderglo Foundation and USC Keck Hospital for Cancer. She has also worked with the California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai.


She received her Bachelor’s Degree from U.S.C in Communications and Social Science.


With animals she is drawn to their heightened sense of awareness and knows they can sense her loving healing energy. Animals are very responsive to Reiki Energy. Energy Work helps animals with trauma, separation anxiety, digestion, aging, disease and more.  Many animals experience loneliness and other issues both physical and emotional that they can’t verbally communicate to their owners or veterinarians. Reiki can help ease these unvoiced tensions without words.

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