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This quote is exactly how your Reading occurs for me, I call them “Downloads”. The
Readings are incorporated into every session. They are what I like to call a gift for YOU
along with the Energy Healing. Receiving this powerful insight or intuition is a gift that I
chose to pay forward, as I have seen it help people in so many ways.

This part is hands down what I believe my client’s value most. It gives them so much
individualized information that is tangible for them to think on, create from and move
forward with. Sometimes I will know a perfect affirmation or book even a movie to see or
a song to listen to …along with potential relationship events, meetings, work
opportunities, success with fertility if aiming to conceive, travel plans that should be
made and much more.

This way we activate your conscious mind with clarity and awareness and together we
cultivate a game plan for manifesting the best for you. Then when we begin the Energy
Healing and Reiki to unblock stuck energy in the cells, DNA and subconscious. You leave
feeling relaxed, at peace, centered and clear.

I don’t advertise myself as a “Psychic” per se, because of the potential to create
expectation before a session of what clients ‘think’ they want to know. I have found that
learning what you need to know before what you may want to know, often gets you
exactly what you want. The irony is that you will receive a ‘psychic’ reding or
experience. I prefer to call it, as the quote says: information from the Universe, for your
highest good!

The subconscious is tricky, I aim to pull the curtain back a bit and show you …you. We
are so powerful sometimes we just need someone to show us who we are being and
what is possible.

Once a session is booked, I begin to tune into the client’s energy field, I can sense it
from the moment the session is booked. It is that act of deciding they are ready, as if

their commitment to their own betterment and self- love that opens the channel to divine
source information that I receive.

I can pick up anything from thought patterns, blocks, types of work and relationships
and family history … sometimes I will start hearing a specific song over and over and I
will look up the lyrics to discover specific messages for the client.


There is nothing you need to do to prepare, but I begin my work well before we meet.
I begin journaling all the “Downloads” I receive and go over my notes and mediate on
what is we’ll focus on during the session.


Prior to the session I also meditate on Angel Cards while thinking of the client. I draw
cards from several decks and can read them like a story. The cards are on display when
you arrive, there are so many messages here for us to go over individual to YOU. My
repeat clients are always excited to see what is new what has come true and what will
happen next! The cards are beautiful to look at, you’re encouraged to take pictures of
your reading and may audio record the session too!

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